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If you’re looking for an arts and crafts gift, and want to shop outside the pink and blue boxes of gender stereotypes, check out our inclusive gift guide for fun arts and crafts present ideas for children.

This gift guide is a celebration of brilliant, creative toys, marketed in a way that encourages both boys and girls to explore a wonderfully diverse world of making and doing.

All shops featured on this page have received the Let Toys Be Toys “Toymark award” – our good practice award for the stores that are getting it right.

1. Djeco Intro to Origami – Animals


These simple paper folding activities will turn a flat piece of coloured paper into 3D animals – a great introduction to Origami for smaller children.  Contains 24 sheets, stickers and a instruction booklet, so makes a great gift or activity for a rainy day

Recommended for ages 4 – 8

£3.99 from Rachel’s Toy Shop

2.  Needle Felting Kits

Krasnaya offers a range of easy to achieve and cute felted animal kits. Their kits use a polystyrene egg to felt onto making it much simpler and helping to avoid those painful stabbed fingers. An ideal introduction to this wonderful craft.

£15.00 from Krasnaya


3. How To Be The Best Bubble Writer In The World Ever!

London based illustrator and textile designer Linda Scott has created over 40 typefaces, inspired by everything from hairy monsters to clouds, ribbons to robots. Double page spreads, on thick matt paper, containing the alphabet and an illustration inspire the reader to create words and phrases using pens or pencils. Included in this new and inspired book are activity pages, a ready-to-post letter card, friendship notes. cards and fill in party invitations. There’s even a cartoon strip to draw.

£8.95 from Olive Loves Alfie

4. Weaving Loom

knitting loom


This loom from Fergus and Fogg’s Toy Emporium will help kids to discover the timeless craft of weaving. Just add some colourful yarn and imagination and the possibilities with this are endless!

Recommended 6+

£5.99 from Fergus and Foggs Toy Emporium

5.  Haba Figure Tack set with Hammer & Cork board

This set contains 46 hard maple wooden pieces with nails, hammer and cork board. Each wooden piece has a hole in the middle for children to hammer the nail through and arrange them on the corkboard creating a picture. The peices are in the shape of various animals, people, trees, fences and clouds so there’s lots of different pictures to create.  Everything can be removed and re-used to start all over again so you’re child will get lots of enjoyment from this set.

Recommended 4+

£23.99 from Babipur

6.  Scraper Foil – Halcyon Nights


With the design hidden behind the foil, the task is to scrape away the details and reveal the picture. Careful work will end up in beautiful details and the child can add it their own patterns to personalise the picture. Pack contains four designs, an instruction booklet and stylus to scrape with.

Recommended age – 17+

£7.99 at Whirl Gig Toys

7. Dinosaur Craft Kit – Make your own Dino(sew)or


A wonderful, high quality craft kit enabling children to make their own soft dinosaur friend!  Included with this DINO(sew)OR Kit are Felt Shapes in the shape of a dinosaur, moving eyes, cotton, needle, cotton stuffing and instructions.  A great gift for kids who love to create and a great way for them to learn to sew and make a colourful new soft toy friend for stomping, chomping and roaring dinosaur adventures!

Recommended 4+

£10.00 from Gifts for Little Ones

8. Finding Dory 2 in 1 Pack

Discover the creative power of sand art with these genius products from Kids Bee Happy. The Laser cut, pre-glued sand art picture cards and sand pens allow for creative expression without all of the mess. This pack contains:
– 2 Small Sand Art pictures.
– 15 Tubes of Sand
– Set of tweezers
– 2 Polypocket sleeves for the finished pictures

£7.00 from Kids Bee Happy

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