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Brave Girls Want action

Brave Girls Take Back the Media

Got something to say about girl empowerment? Want to shout it loud? Now’s your chance!

“Brave Girls Want” is the new campaign from The Brave Girls Alliance, and it gives a chance to campaigners, schools, children and the public to share their tweets on girl empowerment with an audience of millions. Read more…

TK Maxx

Open Letter to TK Maxx

We wrote to TK Maxx this week, asking them to drop the “girls” and “boys” signs in the toy areas of their stores.

Update 19 August 2013: Great news! TKMaxx have responded to say they will be removing all gender signs in the next month. Read more…

Let Toys Be Toys Toymark Good Practice Award

Toy retailers challenged to make the grade: Let Toys be Toys launches “Toymark” Good Practice Award

Press Release

Let Toys Be Toys, the parent-led campaign that aims to see ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ signs removed from toyshops and websites, has announced the launch of a good practice Toymark: to be awarded with the help of mystery shoppers.

Supporters have been asked to nominate shops Read more…

sainsbury's sign

Sainsbury’s: getting it right … or not?

Large retailers aren’t always guilty of gender stereotyping and quite a few of you have recommended Sainsbury’s as an example of good practice.

We’ve had a look and there seem to be some inconsistencies in their approach. Read more…

Why do we “Entertain” this?

The Entertainer

 The Entertainer is one of the worst culprits for gendered toy segregation and our campaign is currently focused on them. Read more…

Science toys – just for boys at M&S

M&S sexism

Help us tell M&S and other retailers that science is for everyone, not just boys!

Sign the Petition

Our campaign was featured in an article on marketing ethics

Under The Christmas Tree

Gender-neutral website makeover

Toy website Under The Christmas Tree recently told us they will reorganise their website by theme, although it may take a while as they have around 1000 pages. They said: Read more…

Stereotyping much?!

Asda words

Bikes, swings and scooters are for boys; friends, rainbows and diaries for girls?! Read more…

toys R Us active boys

Toys R Us: Did they get it?

We’re genuinely pleased that the Managing Director of ToysRUs has taken time to engage with the campaign, but we’re disappointed that it seems they’re not really getting it yet.

Read the email below from Roger McLachlan, Managing Director of ToysRUs, and the reply we sent him today. Read more…