Boots agree to let toys be toys in store

High-street retailer Boots has agreed to take down ‘girls toys’ and ‘boys toys’ signs in their stores after pressure from consumers including Let Toys Be Toys campaigners.


  1. Andrew

    Brilliant! I complained to both Boots and Science Museum last year and got nowhere – I hope your campaign goes from strength to strength!

  2. Thanks Andrew. Sorry to hear you didn’t get a good response from Boots and the Science Museum before. It just goes to show that we need to speak up together to point out how absurd it is to organise toys by gender.

  3. Eve

    “we were dismayed that our attempts to help customers shop our store hasn’t worked in the way we wanted it to”

    I’m curious as to how they think that could mean anything other than a declaration that certain toys, and subjects, are suitable only for boys. What else did they expect the “for boys” sign to do for customers?

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