Care2 impact prize

Care2 Impact Prize for Let Toys Be Toys

We’re thrilled to have been recognised for innovative and high-impact campaigning in the Care2 Awards.

The Awards, presented at the annual eCampaigning Forum event in Oxford, recognise campaigns and initiatives with an outstanding impact on the field of online advocacy, online fundraising, or both. The winner receives a cash donation of £1000 from Care2.

Two women, one holding a glass trophy

Let Toys Be Toys’ Joanne Watts and Rhiannan Sullivan of Care2

As a small organisation with a tiny budget, this money makes a tremendous difference to us and will allow us to reprint our flyers, pay for the costs of hosting our website and repay volunteers’ travel expenses.

“With the Care2 Impact Prize we aim to recognise campaigning or fundraising initiatives which have made an outstanding impact. The shortlist showcases a really exciting range of innovative campaigns.”  Rhiannan Sullivan, Care2

The award nominations were gathered from the eCampaigning Forum community earlier this year, an international network of digital campaigners and activists. Five expert judges shortlisted the campaigns, and the finalists went to a public vote. We’re honoured to have been shortlisted alongside outstanding campaigns including ActionAid’s ‘Barclays Tax Dodgers’ campaign, and UNICEF’s ‘End Child Trafficking’.

What the judges said

“I nominated them because they found a way to bring a complicated and sometimes dry issue (gendered expectations of children) to life in a way that was effective and made good use of the tools at their disposal.”
Hannah Lownsbrough, campaigning consultant

“I get most excited by campaigns that bring together a group of people with a big idea & very few resources. The Let Toys Be Toys team have shown that in the modern world you don’t need a big team of full time campaigners, loads of money or fancy technology to make change happen. I nominated them because they’ve shown that you can win campaigns with a small team of dedicated activists campaigning in the time they have, whilst juggling a million other things.”
Johnny Chatterton, Executive Director, Campaign Bootcamp

“I was struck by LTBT’s success in terms of its reach into the public consciousness and agenda and became more of an admirer when I found out how little resources there were for the campaign. Definitely a campaign that ran on passion for the cause.”
Belinda Calaguas, Advocacy and campaigns consultant

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