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words used in TV toy ads featuring boys. Most prominent: battle, control, power, adventure, blast, build, action, launch, rescue

PRESS RELEASE: The sexist messages of TV toy advertising

If you think toys and toy ads are trivial, just ask a kid how much they matter.

Research carried out by Let Toys Be Toys volunteers shows that toy ads reinforce limiting gender stereotypes, and sell children a narrow view of boys’ and girls’ play.

Download the full research report: Who gets to play? What do TV toy ads tell children about girls’ and boys’ play? Dec 15

Research highlights: Read more…

Press release: Let Toys Be Toys campaign asks publishers to Let Books Be Books

The Let Toys Be Toys campaign is launching a new petition for World Book Day, asking publishers, including Usborne, Igloo and Buster Books, to stop labelling activity books or story collections as for boys or for girls. Read more…

PRESS RELEASE Survey results: high street stores are less sexist this Christmas after Let Toys Be Toys campaign

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A survey by campaign group Let Toys Be Toys shows ’girls’ and ’boys’ signs are falling out of favour in toy stores. Read more…

Press Release: Grass Roots Campaign Let Toys Be Toys Wins Marketing Award

Let Toys Be Toys Wins Progressive Preschool Marketing Award. Read more…

Press Release: Debenhams drops “girls” and “boys” signs after pressure from Let Toys Be Toys

High street chain Debenhams this week announced it would be removing all “girls” and “boys” signage from their toy departments. The statement comes after a sustained campaign Read more…

Toys “R” Us agrees to drop ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ toy labelling

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Toy retail giant Toys “R” Us today committed to being more inclusive it its marketing of toys to girls and boys. This announcement follows a meeting on Friday between Toys “R” Us UK board members and Let Toys Be Toys, Read more…

Let Toys Be Toys Toymark Good Practice Award

Toy retailers challenged to make the grade: Let Toys be Toys launches “Toymark” Good Practice Award

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Let Toys Be Toys, the parent-led campaign that aims to see ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ signs removed from toyshops and websites, has announced the launch of a good practice Toymark: to be awarded with the help of mystery shoppers.

Supporters have been asked to nominate shops Read more…

Entertainer toyshop to drop sexist signs

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