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The Entertainer instore signage, before and after

Retailer update July 2014

In 2014 we’ve concentrated our efforts on gendered books and are starting to look at how we tackle the manufacturers themselves. So have the retailers stuck to their promises in the meantime? Read more…

Sainsbury’s agrees that ‘toys should be toys’

We’re really pleased to hear from Sainsbury’s that they agree with the direction of the Let Toys Be Toys campaign, and that ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ signage in stores is already being phased out.

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sainsbury's sign

Sainsbury’s: getting it right … or not?

Large retailers aren’t always guilty of gender stereotyping and quite a few of you have recommended Sainsbury’s as an example of good practice.

We’ve had a look and there seem to be some inconsistencies in their approach. Read more…