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CBeebies Sid to present Let Toys Be Toys “Toymark” to Brighton Toyshop

Children’s TV personality Sid Sloane will join shoppers and campaigners in Brighton next week to present local toy shop Whirligig with the first ever Toymark.

Toymark is the new best practice scheme from Let Toys Be Toys; it recognises the year-old shop’s commitment to a positive and gender-inclusive approach to toy sales and marketing.

Whirligig’s owner, Peter Allinson says,

“We’re delighted to get the Let Toys Be Toys Toymark. It’s a great campaign and we’re really pleased to be part of it. When a shopper asks us for gift buying advice we don’t ask the child’s gender – we always start with their age and interests. We think children are children!”

Sid told us:

“I’m getting involved with Let Toys Be Toys because by believing in children and sparking their imaginations we encourage them to shine. By not reinforcing gender stereotypes upon kids you are promoting free thinking and empowering self-esteem, which is essential to healthy person-centred development.”

Join us to celebrate!

Please come along – bring your children, see Sid in person, and help us celebrate a wonderful shop that is getting it right.

The presentation takes place at Whirligig, Gardner Street, in Brighton’s North Laine. 9:45am Monday 28th October.

In celebration, Whirligig will be handing out vouchers at the presentation giving all customers 10% discount on purchases that day. The shop will be open from 9am, and all visitors are invited to join Let Toys Be Toys campaigners for coffee and a chat afterwards at Temptation Cafe, just across the road from Whirligig at 56 Gardner Street.

We’d love to see you there!


  1. Hannah

    Great to see this. Wonderful idea. We also need a TV mark so as to avoid gender stereotype-riddled TV programmes like Charley Bear and Waybuloo.

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