Dear retailers - Let Toys Be Toys four asks of retailers presented graphically.

Dear toy retailers… #Just4Asks

Let Toys Be Toys is calling on the toy industry to market toys in a more inclusive way. Here’s what we’d love to see from retailers in their catalogues and promotional material:

More mixed groups of boys and girls

This is a great way to signal to children and adult buyers that this toys is fun for all kids, and that boys and girls do play together.

An end to ‘all girl’ and ‘all boy’ spreads

Children will draw their own conclusions if only boys or only girls are shown in a particular section.

Colour without stereotypes

Pink and blue are powerful signals. Let’s avoid using them to direct children’s choices.

More examples of children playing outside narrow gender stereotypes

Include a diverse range of children in product photos and graphics, challenging narrow stereotypes and showing boys and girls playing together with the same toys.

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You can download this graphic as a PDF ooster .

At Let Toys Be Toys we’re keen to engage directly with toy manufacturers to talk about inclusive product development and marketing. Contact us at

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