Top secret project

Drip, drip, drip… video clips!

Could you capture a short video clip to help us show the how the drip, drip effect of gender stereotypes builds up?

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are working on a couple of short video projects that we hope will convey the relentless, insidious, and different messages that boys and girls are exposed to from the moment they are born. But we can’t do it on our own! We’re collecting short (literally seconds long) video clips, momentary snapshots of the kind of little things a child encounters all day, every day – and learns from. This could be all sorts of things: from a motto on a t-shirt to the colours of a toy aisle, from the language of a birthday card to the mix of characters on a tv programme, from the designs on wrapping paper for a new baby to the cover of a children’s book.

Basically anything that a child might see in their everyday life that conveys a message about what it means to be a boy, or girl.


Some guidelines:

  • All clips should be as if from a child’s point of view looking outwards.
  • All clips must be filmed in landscape orientation (ie turn your phone horizontal!)
  • Don’t include any recognisable ‘real’ children – only those featured on marketing products (eg images of children on toy packaging or kids in a toy advert). Parts of children such as a t-shirt or the feet in the example posted on Facebook/Twitter are ok!
  • No more than 3 seconds long please. (1 second would suffice.)
  • Any sound on the clips will not be heard in the final film.
  • Clips can show positive representation too: we welcome the good as well as the bad and the ugly!
  • You are welcome to share multiple clips showing different things.

Sharing a clip with us means you give permission for us to include it in this piece of work.
Deadline for sending clips to us is midnight on Wednesday October 17th 2018.

Please email all clips to with Video Clip Boys or Video Clip Girls as the subject line.

Please note it will not be possible to use every video that is sent to us but we truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to try to help with this. Wish us luck! Thank you!

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