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The excitement around the Women’s World Cup shows that football fun isn’t just for boys. Check out some great toys and books that footy fans – both girls and boys – will love. Link to the BBC Sport 2019 Wall Chart also included below!

Rosa Plays Ball

Rosa Plays Ball


“I’m going outside to play ball with my friends”, says Rosa. Let’s find out which toys Rosa and her friends are playing with today!

Part  of an important book series that embraces the uniqueness of every child.

£4.98 from Child’s Play Books



Bala Play Fair Trade Football

One World ShopFancy a kick-about in the park or on the beach with your mates – or need a ball to take on holiday? Then this colourful and keenly priced fair trade ball is ideal and hand stitched in environmentally and person friendly PU.

A key role of the co-operative that makes this football is to make a difference in the lives of some of the estimated 40,000 workers in Sialkot, Pakistan where around 70% of the world’s hand-stitched balls are made.

£15.00 from One World Shop

Football Star

“My story is a homage to all football stars who have risen and continue to rise up from poverty”

Set in Brazil, this stunningly illustrated story about a child’s ambition to be a great footballer is also a beautifully non-didactic and thoughtful story about poverty, child labour and a challenge to gender stereotypes.

£6.99 from Letterbox Library



Football Party Kit

Celebrate the beautiful game with a Football Party Kit! This set comes with assorted balloons, table ware including plates, cups, napkins and table cover, and plates, groovy star glasses, assorted games, party bags and thank you cards, and much more!

Price ranges from £75.00 – 110.00 from Kit & Caboodle Party Kit



Branksea United Doll Clothes Set for Lottie Dolls



Branksea United football kit for Lottie & Finn dolls.

The clothes are made from tactile, durable fabric and are interchangeable between dolls to make dress up play more fun.

The outfit set includes shorts, shirt, socks, boots, and football. Doll not included.

£9.50 from Lottie Dolls




Girls FC 1: Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras?

Join the Girls FC as they show the world what it really means to play “like a girl”!

“My name is Megan Fawcett and this is the story of how I set up the best football team in the world. Get ready for kick-off!” Nine-year-old Megan Fawcett loves football and is desperate to be on her school team. She tries everything to get the coach to notice her (even wearing a tiara!), but nothing seems to do the trick. Then Megan has her big brainwave: she could start her own team. An all-girls team! Now she just needs a pitch, a coach – oh, and ten other players… This is the first in a series of fun, topical early readers; join the Girls FC as they take the world by storm!

£4.47 at the Wordery

Big Potato Foooty, the flat packed ball

The FOOOTY is a unique patented 2D construction element that enables the creation of 3D shapes. The elements can be connected with the SMART FOOOTY click system. With these 10 RED FOOOTY elements, popular ball shapes can be made to kick and throw around

The FOOOTY is resistant to kicks and tricks. It fits into a pocket and can be used anywhere, indoor and outdoors. Included in this FOOOTY pack is an instruction manual to learn the basics.

£11.99 from Rachel’s Toy Shop




Women’s World Cup – Wallchart for France 2019

Women's World Cup

The Women’s World Cup is under way – but are you keeping across all the games?

Study the fixtures, consider the permutations and keep track of all the results using that essential piece of kit – the wallchart.

Download for free here at BBC Sport

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