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The links and resources below show best practice and ideas for tackling gender stereotypes in schools and through education.

Some of them have been recommended to us by teachers and educational experts, and others we have found online and used them to inform and inspire the lesson plans. Please let us know about other resources out there using the comments box below, or by emailing us, and also let us know how you get on using the resources below.

Classroom resources and lesson plans

Breaking the Mould
These free and downloadable resources are the result of the NUT’s work with five primary schools over two years, examining how ‘traditional’ gender stereotypes could be challenged in nursery and primary classrooms.

ATL Safer Schools
A network of leading organisations, practitioners, and academics to help direct educational professionals, parents and young people to resources and support on varied topics including anti-bullying, Islamophobia, Female Genital Mutilation and teenage relationships.


Promoting Equality
Mark Jennett provides consultancy to the education section. Specialisms include advancing gender and sexualities equality and eliminating discrimination in schools, and developing effective anti-bullying practices and inclusive curricula.

Expect Respect education toolkit
The Expect Respect Educational Toolkit from Women’s Aid includes a lesson for each year group from reception to year 13 based on themes that have been found to be effective in tackling domestic abuse. The Reception lesson focuses on toys and stereotypes.

Educate and Celebrate
Ofsted and DFE recognised training for teachers, governors, parents and children to help transform schools and organisations to LGBT+ friendly places.

Stonewall Education Programmes
Programmes for local authorities, academy chains and schools offering bespoke guidance in tackling gender stereotyping and homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

Fair Foundations
Fair Foundations provides tailored support and training to schools in Wales to help all girls and boys to reach their potential.

Exposing gender stereotypes – classroom resource
This Canadian lesson plan was taken from the award-winning Violence-Prevention Curriculum Healthy Relationships, produced by the Halifax, Nova Scotia advocacy group Men For Change. (for grades 8 and 9, equivalent to Years 9 and 10 in the UK)

EHRC Lesson plans and resources
Classroom activities and ideas from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. (KS1 and KS2)


Letterbox Library
An online bookseller committed to celebrating equality and diversity in the very best children’s books for over 30 years. They offer book packs to schools and childminders on various topics from bullying, diverse families and disabilities.

Diversity Role Models
Providing fun and educational classroom workshops in primary and secondary schools led by LGBT+ and straight ally role models to help prevent homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate difference.

Educational resources for young children to combat homophobia and to encourage equality. Books, YouTube channel and other resources that provide fairy tales and stories with LGBT characters to teach about diversity.


Schools Out UK
Working to make schools safe and inclusive for all LGBT staff and pupils. Their website includes links to surveys, reports and teaching information.

Gender Loops
Tools, resources and strategies to deal with gender issues for teachers in early childhood education and for trainers of teachers.


Gendered Intelligence
Working to increase understandings of gender diversity through creative ways, and specialising in supporting young trans people aged 8-25. Provides a range of services for all educational settings including assemblies, workshops and presentations.

Detective Dot
Created by Bright Little Labs, Detective Dot is a 9 year old who is a developer by day and a detective by night for the Children’s Intelligence Agency. Classroom resources include a book, apps and games to educate and inspire the next generation to challenge and change the world.

Pier to Peer
Curriculum-linked activity ideas on gender stereotypes on the Brighton and Hove learning platform hub.

The Classroom
An accessible space for teachers to locate a range of resources to make Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans people visible in education.

Further reading and information

Rethinking Schools
Rethinking Schools is a nonprofit publisher and advocacy organization dedicated to sustaining and strengthening public education through social justice teaching and education activism. Beyond pink and blue article is of particular relevance.


Gender and education mythbusters
Challenges common misconceptions about gender and school achievement, citing relevant research.

Gender issues in schools – what works to improve achievement for boys and girls
Review of research in this area, concluding that attempts to support boys’ achievement by creating more ‘boy friendly’ curricula are not just ineffective, but counterproductive if they reinforce stereotypes.

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