Toy shelves - Lego Friends building sets under a 'Fashion and dolls' sign

Help Let Toys Be Toys – take our 2016 shopping survey

Which toy retailers are letting toys be toys? Help us find out!

Take our toy shop survey

 In 2013 you helped us conduct a survey of shops selling toys across the UK and Ireland. Thanks to your support we found out there had been a 60% reduction in toys sold explicitly for boys or girls in the first year we’d been running.

Now we want to know how shops are looking in 2016. Have those changes been maintained? Has there been an improvement? What’s next for Let Toys Be Toys?

We need your help! By completing this short survey every time you go to a shop selling toys this November you can help us find out what’s happening in stores across the UK and Ireland. Every survey completed is entered into a prize draw for a £50 voucher to spend in any of our Toymark shops.

Click here to take our toy shop survey

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