Don't box us in! Image of boy and girl in pink and blue boxes.

Help spread the #shopoutsidethebox message

This Christmas, we’re asking shoppers to shop outside the pink and blue boxes the toy industry creates for girls and boys, and let toys be toys! Can you help us get the message out?

We want to push our #shopoutsidethebox message far and wide, and encourage toy buyers to think about gifts that go beyond narrow gender stereotypes. There’s nothing wrong with choosing doll for a girl that would like one, or a car for a boy who would enjoy playing with it, but children’s tastes are more diverse and more interesting than the toy industry would have us believe.

Help us spread the word on key shopping day 6 December – sign up to our Thunderclap to ‘donate’ us a tweet or facebook post with our thought provoking image, kindly donated by photographer Emily Guest.

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Thunderclap – here’s how it works:

1/ You sign up to our ‘Thunderclap’, agreeing for a campaign post or tweet to go out on your account.

2/ The Thunderclap service will blast out everyone’s tweets and facebook posts at the same time, for maximum impact. (Think of it as making sure everyone turns up to a demo at the same time.)

But it will only work if enough people sign up – can you help make sure we get the Shop outside the box message out loud and clear in this crucial shopping week?

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What’s the problem?

Through explicit ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ signs, gender filters on online shopping sites, gift guides for boys and girls, packaging, advertising and marketing, the toy industry sells the lie that boys and girls have different interests and need different toys. It’s a smart way of convincing consumers to spend more, but really, boys and girls are more alike than they are different. Children are individuals, not just examples of their gender. Read more about why it matters.

We want to remind shoppers that there are all kinds of fun that don’t come in pink and blue. Please help us get the message out on 6 December and join our Thunderclap.

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