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Kinder predictable

The joy of a Kinder egg was surely… the surprise. We’re not the only ones unimpressed with pink and blue colour-coded eggs.

We’re really disappointed that Ferrero have decided to launch pink and blue Kinder Surprise eggs, with ‘Sprinty’ cars in the blue eggs and fashion dolls in the pink ones.

Now the marketing has started, turns out we’re not the only ones.  See below for some tweets on the subject, or join the discussion on the Kinder Surprise Facebook page.

Update 13 November

Jessica has started this petition: Ferrero, STOP making SEXIST Kinder eggs

Update 10 October:

Ciara has started a petition: No more stereotyping Kinder Surprise eggs

We called Ferrero UK last Friday to complain about the pink and blue eggs. They said they’d call us back as soon as possible, but we’ve had no reply. They’ve stopped responding to posts on this issue on their facebook wall, and their UK customer service online feedback form returns an error message.

Supporter Diane did get a reply from Ferrero customer services – here’s what they said:

“The Kinder Surprise Limited Edition Pink and Blue eggs are designed to offer parents a range of new range of toys and brands relevant for their child, that will change during the different promotional periods, alongside a much loved chocolate treat.
We do not advocate or promote our products as gender specific. Instead, Kinder Surprise Pink and Blue offers a range of interesting new toys in coloured eggs which help parents/grandparents navigate the toy ranges on offer and make purchasing decisions based on what is most relevant for their child/grandchild.
This is a new promotion in the UK, which we are trailing to see if it is enjoyed by shoppers and parents. Any feedback from our shoppers is of great value to Ferrero and I am most grateful to you for taking the time and trouble to write to us with your comments, which I will certainly pass on to the Kinder Surprise team.”
You can let Ferrero know what you think by emailing:
We like Diane’s response,
“If you do not offer gender specific products, why are these products coloured pink and blue?  Why not green and purple or yellow and orange…

“Your response is very disappointing and either naive or lacking in knowledge of the manipulation of our children by retailers and toy manufacturers to ensure gender stereotypical compliance of girls.  Perhaps you would like to test this, take your toys into a school from the range and ask the children to see how many of them they consider to be for girls or boys.

“The answer of course should be none – but those children will divide them up with remarkable accuracy against your pink and blue colour coding.

“I will continue to boycott your product until they disappear.”

Image: @HattieGarlick via Twitter.


  1. Monkfish

    Disgraceful. The whole point of Kinder Surprise was that the toys appealed to all kids but this? this is just lazy in the extreme. Lazy and downright insulting.

  2. Johnson

    No reason boys cannot have pink eggs nor girls blue. You are lookong for a problem where there simply isn’t one.

  3. Lois

    Whilst I don’t particularly like most gender specific toys, I can’t help but wonder where the problem lies here – with the companies, or the consumers. I’ve been reviewing sales for the company I work for – we sell tableware items in pink, blue, and generic. Over the past years, despite offering the same number of products in each categories, sales on the generic ranges are rapidly declining and there’s a significant increase in customer demand for pink / blue items. As a company, this prompts us to react to customer demand and promote pink and blue items more than the generic items. In fact, as a result, next years new ranges only include pink and blue and we’re not bringing out any new generic ranges.

  4. Laura Mclay

    Think you all just like to moan for the sake of it. Teach your boy its ok to way wear pink dresses if your worried he may become to manly. I prefer this as it means my little girl isnt disappointed everytime she gets a wheel. She loves a pony or princess but what annoys hell out of me as I get a pack of three every week and in months iv only seen two princesses and two ponies which means this is false advertising. They shouldnt put a picture of disney on the front if they r not going to have disney inside

  5. Lynn

    The disappointment of getting an arb toy instead of the ‘draw figurine’ advertised prominently on the display box is sad. I’m sure the figurines are by far most popular with boys and girls. It would be more fun to have animals and figurines to collect and swap and I’m sure parents would be more inclined to spend the money knowing there would not be a disappointment inside the egg, so maybe sales would even be enhanced. Boy/Girl issue…what’s the big deal if the toy is a hit! Have just sent 3 Smurf eggs to my grandson, one smurf and 2 arb toys….very sad. Won’t be doing that again!

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