Let’s Play Outside! – Let Toys Be Toys Gift Guide

Children learn through playing and often love nothing more than exploring the freedom of the great outdoors, developing healthy bodies and a spirit of adventure along the way.  The following toys can all be played with outside and offer something a bit different to children who might seem like they already have a full toy-box.

All shops featured on this page have received the Let Toys Be Toys ‘Toymark award’ – our good practice award for the stores that are getting it right.

Monkey Wooden Balance Bike

Wooden balance bikes are the perfect way to teach a child the basics of balancing. By using their feet to balance and push themselves along there is no need for stabilisers. Once your child masters the basics on their balance bike they can start to free wheel which puts them in great stead for when they upgrade to a real bike. Our wooden balance bikes make learning to ride a bike fun, easy, exciting and stress free for parents!

Recommended Age: 2-5 Years

£45.00 from The Little Toy Box

Kiddimoto Red Goggle Helmet XS

Internationally approved helmets conforming to CE and EN standards with adjustable bands that ensures a snug fit and allows the helmet to grow with the child. This one is 48-52cm.

£25.00 from Frog Bikes


Trapeze Bar With Green Rings

The wooden trapeze bar with green rings is the ultimate in adventurous and acrobatic swinging for children of a variety of ages. The rings give children more ways to play and the high quality materials used to make this accessory make this trapeze amazing value for money. Great for the more adventurous and acrobatic children who may want more of a challenge of their swing set or climbing frame!

£12.99 from Big Game Hunters


Rothan Balance Bike

Our delightful aluminium balance bike teaches them two-wheel balance without stabilisers from a very young age. With Islabikes’ size-specific parts including mini brake and proper pneumatic tyres on a lightweight aluminium frame, you’ll be amazed what your budding cyclist can take in their stride as they progress towards pedaling.

Recommended Age: 2+

£149.99 from Islabikes

Luggy Basket Natural

A vintage inspired handmade tiny wheeled basket for your toddler. Perfect for little helpers in the garden or in the shop.


£39.00 from Olive Loves Alfie





Hape great big digger

Hape great big digger is a construction truck that will give hours of fun in the sandpit.

£16.05 from Funky Monkey Pants


Woodland Animal Mask

Find your wild side with these playful animal masks. Each mask has a 3D nose (beak or snout!) which attaches to create your very own woodland character. Hoot Hoot like an owl, thump your feet like a rabbit and head to the woods!

Learn how to be a friendly fox, wise owl, cheeky rabbit or shy deer with the helpful activity sheet inside.

Recommended Age: 5+ Years

£6.50 from Buttercup

Frog 48 First Pedal Bike

This great value all-aluminium bike has a very lightweight high quality frame and forks, making it the perfect first pedal bike for your child.

Recommended Age: 4-5 Years

£205 from Frog Bikes


Made from hard wearing fabric with heavy duty tubular steel poles our wigwam features a ground sheet, window (with detachable cover), velcro fixing front entrance and strong reinforced stitching. Excellent for cooperative play.

£74.99 from The Learning Partnership Wales

Giant Bubbles

Create giant dreamlike shimmering bubbles using this clever device. Dip the ribbon in the bubble mixture then pull apart to create bubbles bigger than you’ve seen before and watch them gently float away.

£3.99 from Nurtures


Pedal Racer

An interesting hybrid, something like a cross between a bicycle and a skateboard. Definitely more challenging than it looks, and probably as much fun for spectators as the operator! With practice it is possible to pedal forwards and backwards with varying degrees of speed and control. Great for balance and body co-ordination practice.

Recommended Age: 8+ Years

£26.99 from Blue Frog Toys

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