More publishers agree to Let Books Be Books

We’re really pleased that Dorling Kindersley, Miles Kelly Books and Chad Valley have all told us that they will not be publishing new titles labelled ‘boys’ or ‘girls’.

Chad Valley

Miles Kelly

Igloo books - adventure stories for boys, classic stories for girlsMiles Kelly publishing responded to our email, saying, “Miles Kelly has no plans to publish any new girls/boys related titles in the UK, and the titles you refer to in this email are already out of print.”


Dorling Kindersley

DK told us via email, “DK’s aim with every book we publish is to inspire, excite and enthuse our readers.  We produce a broad range of titles reflecting the interests of our many different consumers.  Looking ahead our publishing list does not include any gender labelled books. We are very proud of our publishing and always take any comments seriously.”

Our Let Books Be Books campaign asks asks children’s publishers to take the ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ labels off books and allow children to choose freely what kinds of stories and activity books interest them. Six publishers have now told us they will not be publishing any more titles labelled in this way, and we’ve had widespread support and attention from authors and the media. Find out more about the Let Books Be Books campaign.


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