Mystery shoppers needed!

In the run up to the big Christmas shopping season, we need your help to get a clear picture of how toys are being displayed and marketed across the UK and Ireland.

The Let Toys Be Toys campaign is run by a handful of volunteers, so your help is vital to allow us to get a snapshot of whether toy retailers are promoting different toys to boys and girls, and how they’re doing it. Our new survey will help you fill us in about any shops in your local area that sell toys. We need to know the good and the bad of what’s really out there – not just what Head Office is telling us.

The survey asks whether shops are using ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ signs in store,  how toys are displayed, and about whether packaging of ‘own-brand’ books or toys makes assumptions about which toys are for which gender.

It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete and will ensure your local stores are on our radar. You can fill it in for any toy retailer you visit.

One lucky respondent will win a £50 voucher for fabulous children’s clothes from

Be a Let Toys Be Toys Mystery Shopper – fill in our survey online now.




  1. Deborah Beck

    Why is your advert so sexist….Come on it’s 2013 and you have separate shelves for pink girls toys & blue boys toys……Don’t think I will be purchasing from you.

    • Hi Deborah. Let Toys Be Toys would like to see toys marketed in a way that is equally welcoming to boys and girls, organised by genre, not gender. Through this survey we hope to find out more about which shops are using these kinds of signs, and which are marketing in a more inclusive way.

      The photo is from Debenhams in Croydon, taken earlier this year. Their contact details are on this page if you would like to let them know what you think:

  2. Deborah Beck

    Thanks! Will contact them.

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