Press Release: Grass Roots Campaign Let Toys Be Toys Wins Marketing Award

Let Toys Be Toys Wins Progressive Preschool Marketing Award.

Campaigners from Let Toys Be Toys are celebrating after winning the marketing category in the 2013 Progressive Preschool Awards yesterday, for their campaign against sexist stereotyping in toy retail. The grass roots group faced stiff competition from commercial marketing campaigns.

Jacqui Parr of Progressive Preschool Magazine said, “We were delighted to be able to give the award to Let Toys Be Toys. To see the way the campaign has grown over the last year has been absolutely phenomenal. For a volunteer-run campaign with such limited funds, their achievements are absolutely incredible. The award itself was judged by publicity and marketing industry experts. Let Toys Be Toys were up against six-figure campaigns; for a grass roots group to excel here shows the merits of the campaign and we are pleased we’re able to recognise them in the market.”

Tessa Trabue, Let Toys Be Toys campaigner said, “Let Toys Be Toys has worked really hard to develop campaign strategies that are both creative and effective in getting our message across. It is wonderful that the campaign’s efforts have been recognised by this prestigious award.”
The accolade follows several recent successes for Let Toys Be Toys, who made waves in the toy industry throughout 2013 as stores such as The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Debenhams, Boots and Tesco all agreed to drop “girls” and “boys” signs after contact with the group. Rebecca Brueton from the campaign explained, “We have instigated real change: our aim this year was to get major retailers to promise take down their gendered signs, and they have. We plan to focus on manufacturers next, so watch this space.”

Let Toys Be Toys campaigner Joanne Watts, attributed the movement’s success to the growing public demand for change, “It’s a real honour to win this award. We would like to dedicate it to our thousands of supporters, who have helped to tell major retailers in no uncertain terms that pushing sexist stereotypes at our children is simply not acceptable in the 21st century. Major stores who practise gender segregation are fast becoming a minority, and will appear increasingly outdated.”
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3. Let Toys Be Toys is a grassroots consumer campaign, run and organised wholly by volunteers, calling on retailers to stop limiting children’s interests by promoting some toys as only suitable for girls, and others only for boys.

Over 9,000 people have now signed the Let Toys Be Toys petition on, asking retailers in the UK and Ireland to remove gender labels and organise toys by genre not gender, and the campaign has over 12,000 likes/followers on social media. Campaign successes include persuading retail chains The Entertainer, Debenhams, Toys R Us and Tesco to commit to more inclusive marketing.

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