Where does the money go?

All profit goes directly back to Let Toys Be Toys to fund our campaign. It helps us

  • influence senior toy industry professionals by enabling us to get to meetings with them
  • get sexism in the toy industry on the media agenda
  • print flyers to spread our message
  • get new campaign ideas off the ground.

Let Toys Be Toys is wholly run by volunteers; we’re used to doing things on a shoestring and we make the most of any income we receive.

The artist

SQUID is an illustrator, animator, songwriter, performer and piano teacher. He really enjoyed working for Let Toys Be Toys as he believes that people of all ages will benefit from being free to choose the things they want to wear, read, play with, and so on! Squid loves working for projects which benefit communities, and that lead to learning, dreaming, discoveries and adventures.


The shop is managed by a third party supplier and we’ve noticed their sizes can be on the small side. If you’d rather not have a snug fit, we’d suggest going for a size up from your usual size.

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