Sometimes all you have to do is ask

It’s great when big companies make positive changes, but every change matters and sometimes efforts made by smaller businesses can be overlooked. It can seem like a big risk for an independent to go against the gendered flow so we think these two recent examples deserve some credit, let them know what you think.

Busy Being, a small business who make prints for items like bags, coasters and teatowels, were brought to our attention recently because of a couple of their prints. Thea from Busy Being got in touch with us via email to discuss the feedback she was getting and, inspired by some suggestions from our supporters, decided to discontinue Boy and Girl designs in favour of a great Childhood design.

On Twitter last week we were contacted by @HoldSher about crafts and activity company The Orb Factory, who had a banner on their internet page which read ‘Toys for Boys’. All credit to them, they listened and responded brilliantly and quickly; changing the banner to ‘Toys for Builders’.


Quite often, even with bigger stores, we hear stories from people who have commented on gendered displays and have been rewarded with quick action from store management. It’s worth remembering that sometimes all you have to do is ask. Let us know if you have any success stories.

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