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Young boy sitting on kitchen floor with cuddly toys, red kettle and teacups.

Caemon’s story

Timaree got in touch with us to tell us about her son Caemon, and why the Let Toys Be Toys campaign means so much to her. We’re grateful that she’s agreed for us to share their story.

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Whatever you fancy?

Dressing up ought to be a chance to let the imagination run riot, but marketing offers narrow roles for girls and boys to play.  Megan Perryman takes a look.

Are you filled with excitement or dread as you plan your children’s Halloween costumes? For me, it’s a bit of both as I attempt to fight against the sexist messages that saturate the fancy dress industry. Read more…

Hands playing with brightly coloured toy cars and aeroplanes

“That’s for girls and that’s for boys”

Are children really affected by gender stereotypes?  Tricia Lowther looks at how kids take in the ‘gender rules’.

The vast fortune spent on marketing toys to children has no effect, and there’s no such thing as peer pressure. At least that’s what some critics of Let Toys Be Toys suggest when they say that children will choose to play with whatever they like and aren’t affected by signs in shops, adverts or packaging.  Read more…

Father's Day cards - Grant Bierman -

Father’s Day – Whose day is it anyway?

Father’s Day – a chance to trot out a few more tired stereotypes, or a chance to do something differently? Graham Paul reflects.

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Why does the toy industry think boys don’t cook?

In the adult world we’re accustomed to seeing male chefs, hairdressers and fashion designers. So why does the toy industry consistently market toys related to cooking, beauty or fashion to girls only?
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toys R Us active boys

Toys R Us: Did they get it?

We’re genuinely pleased that the Managing Director of ToysRUs has taken time to engage with the campaign, but we’re disappointed that it seems they’re not really getting it yet.

Read the email below from Roger McLachlan, Managing Director of ToysRUs, and the reply we sent him today. Read more…