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David as Santa

Santa’s end of year review

David Kinnaird has been a professional Santa in Scotland for over 20 years. Here he reflects on how children’s toy choices have been changing in the last few years.

I’ve spent two decades ‘Behind the Beard’ – performing as and training Santas for sites around the UK. One of the first things I seek to instil in those entering the National Elf Service is that there is one question they simply Do Not Ask of the tiny travellers passing through their grottoes.

“What do you want for Christmas?”

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Don't box us in! Image of boy and girl in pink and blue boxes.

Let’s shop outside the box this Christmas

Toy marketing can make choosing gifts by gender seem like a safe choice, but kids deserve better. This Christmas we’re encouraging shoppers to reject ‘toys for boys’ and ‘toys for girls’ and shop outside the pink and blue boxes. Read more…

ELC kitchen

10 great toy ovens for boys and girls

Kitchens make wonderful toys; pretend play of all types stokes the imagination, is brilliant fun and great for children’s development.

Some shops seem to think cooking is not for boys however, and that girls must have pink at all times. Escape the stereotypes with our quick guide to great toy kitchens

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Don't box us in! Image of boy and girl in pink and blue boxes.

Help spread the #shopoutsidethebox message

This Christmas, we’re asking shoppers to shop outside the pink and blue boxes the toy industry creates for girls and boys, and let toys be toys! Can you help us get the message out?

We want to push our #shopoutsidethebox message far and wide, and encourage toy buyers to think about gifts that go beyond narrow gender stereotypes. There’s nothing wrong with choosing doll for a girl that would like one, or a car for a boy who would enjoy playing with it, but children’s tastes are more diverse and more interesting than the toy industry would have us believe. Read more…