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Checking in with Toys R Us

You may remember we met with Toys R Us in September 2013 when they committed to a more inclusive approach to toy marketing. We’ve certainly seen improvements since then, but we still have some questions over their timescale for change.

We’ve contacted Managing Director Roger McLaughlan by e-mail to find out if they have any updates. Read more…

Big Brilliant Colouring Book for Boys, Big Beautiful Colouring Book for Girls - photo: @CratesNRibbons

Letter to Buster Books

Buster Books, the children’s imprint of Michael O’Mara Books, is one of the biggest publishers of gender-labelled children’s titles, including ‘The Big Brilliant Colouring Book for Boys’ and the ‘Big Beautiful Colouring Book for Girls’. We wrote to Michael O’Mara to explain why it’s time to Let Books Be Books, but we haven’t yet had a reply.

Michael O’Mara responded to the launch of the Let Books Be Books campaign in a comment to the Independent back in March, saying that gender-specific titles are ‘easier to sell’. We don’t think profits justify telling children what they should or shouldn’t like. Read more…

Letter to Igloo books

Igloo Books are among the biggest publishers of gender-labelled children’s books in the UK, with titles like ‘2001 Pretty Stickers for Girls’ and or the Story Time Treasury: ‘Stories for Boys’ containing “classic adventures, from Aladdin to Jack and the Beanstalk” (shame these are off limits for girls)… We wrote to them back in May, but we’re still waiting for a reply.

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'Girls' Toys' and 'Boys Toys'at Morrisons in Guiseley

Morrisons – most gendered toy retailer

Despite a promise last year to change their toy signage Morrisons came out of our pre-Christmas survey as the worst culprit for using gender to sell toys.

We’ve written to Morrisons, asking them to reconsider their toy signs.
Read more…

Response from John Lewis

John Lewis have responded to our letter querying their use of boys and girls categories on their website.

We’re disappointed that they are committed to using gender filters that maintain the notion of ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ toys. Read more…

Letter to Fenwick

Fenwick stores have large ‘Girls’ and ‘Boys’ signs in their toy departments. We’ve written to explain why we think they should come down. Read more…

Letter to Asda

Asda committed to review their website to market toys in a more inclusive way. We’ve written to them to ask them to take down the ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ signs from stores too.  Read more…

TK Maxx

Open Letter to TK Maxx

We wrote to TK Maxx this week, asking them to drop the “girls” and “boys” signs in the toy areas of their stores.

Update 19 August 2013: Great news! TKMaxx have responded to say they will be removing all gender signs in the next month. Read more…

Letter to WH Smith

Some WHSmith shops use ‘Girls’ and ‘Boys’ toys signage in store. We wrote to WH Smith to explain why we think they should come down.

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sainsbury's sign

Sainsbury’s: getting it right … or not?

Large retailers aren’t always guilty of gender stereotyping and quite a few of you have recommended Sainsbury’s as an example of good practice.

We’ve had a look and there seem to be some inconsistencies in their approach. Read more…