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Fundraising for Let Toys Be Toys by running my socks off

Fen Coles of our friends and allies at inclusive booksellers Letterbox Library is running a half-marathon – will you sponsor her, and support our work to challenge stereotypes? Read more…

Montage of boys and girls book covers

Books for Boys? For Girls? For Children?

Fen and Kerry of stereotype-busting children’s booksellers, Letterbox Library, take a look at the gendered world of reading, and ask, why are publishers so keen to tell children which sort of stories are for them?

Flick through pretty much any publisher’s catalogue these days, or search using the same publisher’s website and you will most likely be hit by a collection of books which have been so gender-specifically packaged that they even include the words ‘for girls’ or ‘for boys’ in the title.  Read more…