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Four women holding up a large card reading 'Science Toy Award'

LTBT helps pick Science Toy Award 2016 finalists

We were thrilled to be asked to help judge the inaugural Science Toy Award – science writer, physicist and campaigner Laurie Winkless reports back on the tough job… and the shortlist of great toys that spark science learning.

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18 female scientists tell us about their favourite childhood toys

Every child is a scientist… but what encourages them to make a career of it? To celebrate International Women’s Day, science writer Laurie Winkless talked to other women working in science and engineering to see the role their childhood played in their career choices.

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Girl and boy with giant construction bricks

Science toys – which toys really spark science learning?

Play is how children learn about the world, so the toys on offer to them really matter. This British Science Week, science educator Wendy Sadler looks at how toys can help develop the scientists and engineers of the future, and offers some ideas of what to look for. Read more…


12 fun toys to foster STEM skills

As well as being fun, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) toys, are a great way to build skills such as problem solving, spatial awareness and critical thinking.

Of course we all know science is for everyone, but gender bias means STEM toys are often targeted squarely at boys, (or else given a dusting of pink glitter and lipstick as if that’s the only way to get girls interested). We’ve chosen twelve toys to help curious children everywhere develop an interest in science and discovery. Read more…


Reach for the stars – unless you’re a girl

It’s fifty years since a woman first flew in outer space, so why do space-themed children’s toys, books and clothes rarely show girls? asks Tricia Lowther.

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Royal Society of Chemists says chemistry is not just for boys!

Tesco backs down over ‘boys’ chemistry set

The giant supermarket retailer blamed sexist signposting of toys on “consumer research” but finally promised to review the way they categorize their toys, after pressure from Let Toys Be Toys supporters.

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Boots agree to let toys be toys in store

High-street retailer Boots has agreed to take down ‘girls toys’ and ‘boys toys’ signs in their stores after pressure from consumers including Let Toys Be Toys campaigners. Read more…