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Fashion dolls - new signage in Toys R Us

Toys R Us drops ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ categories from UK website

We’re delighted to see the end of ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ categories in the major retailer’s online store, as well as clearer, inclusive signage in stores.

Back in 2013 Let Toys Be Toys met with Toys R Us to discuss concerns about the gendered way in which toys were being marketed. At that meeting Toys R Us committed to replacing gendered signage in its stores and producing more inclusive catalogues. They also promised to look further into whether they could make changes to their web categories and consider how products are grouped in store. It’s great to see the results of those discussions now online, and in stores.  Read more…

Do girls love trains?

Abbie loves her train set, but is fed up of being made to feel there’s something strange about a girl liking trains. Can you help us find her more loco-loving girls and women?

Send us your pics and stories via Twitter tagged #girlslovetrains or email us at Read more…

Signs of change at Toys R Us

We’re pleased to see new signage going up in refitted Toys R Us stores in the UK. Let us know what you’ve seen in stores near you.

In 2013 Let Toys Be Toys met with Toys R Us directors to discuss marketing in a way that includes all children. We were delighted that they committed to drawing up a new set of principles for in-store signage meaning that, in the long term, explicit references to gender will be removed and images will show boys and girls enjoying the same toys. They also promised to consider more inclusive images in their Christmas catalogue. Read more…