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Toys R Us Christmas catalogue

We’re pleased to see more gender-inclusive pictures in the new Toys R Us Christmas catalogue – take a look. 

Back in August we met with Toys R Us Directors who were very supportive of what we’re trying to do, and made some commitments to marketing toys in a way that is welcoming to both boys and girls. Although it will take them a while to change their store signs, they did promise to make their Christmas catalogue more inclusive.

Take a look (above) at some of the images taken from the catalogue showing boys and girls enjoying a wide range of different kinds of toys, and playing together, just like they do in real life.

There’s still a way to go but we’re really pleased with this positive first step and look forward to working more with them in 2014.


  1. Cat McEwan

    This is great, mostly! Not sure about the ones with the pretend kitchens, looks like ‘mum’ is doing all the work loading the washing machine and serving dinner while ‘dad’ just stands and watches!!

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