• Only boys play in the bath? (Entertainer Westfield Stratford, March 2013)
  • Lego is for boys?Lego under 'boys toys', including the girl-targeted 'Friends' range. (Entertainer, Bluewater, March 2013)
  • No daddies then? Dolls under 'girls toys' (Entertainer Bluewater, March 2013)
  • No creativity for boys? Crafts, including badge maker, dough animals under 'girls toys' (Entertainer Bluewater, March 2013)
  • Games for boys? (Entertainer Westfield Stratford, March 2013)
  • Ent_Reading_1303_boyssciencScience sets, including 'make your own perfume' categorised under 'boys toys' at the Entertainer, Reading, March 2013
  • Step away from the glue, boys! Creative crafts, glitter, glue, filed under 'girls toys' at Entertainer Reading, March 2013
  • Ent_Cardiff_1304_boysmagicMagic sets under 'boys toys' (Entertainer Cardiff, April 2013)
  • Ent_Cardiff_1304_girlscookiHenry Hoover has a boy on the packaging, and the cooker and shopping trolley are in a cheerful, neutral red. Does The Entertainer really think cooking and shopping are just for girls?
  • Ent_Cardiff_1304_girlsmusicMusical instruments labelled as girls toys. Entertainer Cardiff, April 2013.
  • Ent_Cardiff_1304_girlsolympNice to see some cars under 'girls toys', but were the Olympics just for girls? I could have sworn I saw some male athletes...

Toyshop gallery – The Entertainer

We think toyshops should stop categorising toys by gender because it limits children’s choices and imaginations.  But it also doesn’t make any sense.

Placing craft sets under ‘girls’  and bath toys and boxed games under ‘boys’ doesn’t help anyone find what they’re looking for.  The Entertainer needs to get rid of these signs and Let Toys be Toys – for girls and boys!

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  1. I think that this is a great initiative – however I fear the real battle is with T.V. ad media, not with he toy stores. Like any other business Toy Stores look to categorise their products in a way shoppers will understand. The whole “boys play with this kind of toy and girls that kind of toy” is really a product of what has been ingrained into us by society.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Isabel

    They have also dispensed with apostrophes!

  3. clare

    I thought this was a battle won in the 70’s but we are slipping back towards twinset and pearls and the stereotypes demonstrated in Peter and Jane books!!!

  4. Mari Booker

    Oh dear I spend so much time pointing out rogue apostrophes in the wrong place, now we have to ask shops to put apostrophes into other places.
    But we do not need toys to be classified for different genders.

    Toys are toys and they are for children.
    Adults can also play with toys.

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