Update from M&S – ‘reviewing ranges for next year’

Following our letter to Marks and Spencer where we asked them to stop making toys named “Boy Stuff” and “Lil’ Miss Arty” and to get rid of gendered shelving displays, they’ve got back to us.

“I’m sorry to hear you are unhappy with our ‘Boy Stuff’ and ‘Lil Miss Arty’ range of toys. I appreciate you must be disappointed. I would like to assure you we have taken all your comments on board and we are reviewing our future plans.”

We don’t think that’s good enough – we wrote back back saying we want a clear commitment on those two issues: no more toys labelled boys or girls, and toys shelved by theme not gender.

They responded, “I’ve noted your further comments, and we’ve made sure our Toy & Gifts team are aware of your feedback. I would also like to assure you; following the feedback received, they will be reviewing these ranges for next year.”

An LTBT supporter who also emailed them got this response: “We’re really grateful when our customers take the time to get in touch with us and share their views and opinions… As a result, we are able to notice trends and make changes where possible. Moving forward, we have decided to change the labelling of our Children’s toys. Although, I can’t confirm what these changes are, they will be taking place in time for Christmas.”

If you’re part of the ‘trend’ of customers who think that children’s interests should not be limited by their gender, and want ask them to confirm that their new toy packaging will be inclusive of both boys and girls, please take the time to get in touch and let them know!

See our Contact retailers page for contact details and tips.

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